We’d like to introduce you to Ben Krogh. Ben graduated from Judson in 2011. He is currently a designer for The Brigade, a design collective located in the St. John’s neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Approaching design through critical thinking, problem solving and research, Ben loves design and he sees it as a vehicle to better the world around him. He’s worked with large brands such as Spotify and small startups like Chirpify and Menuish. He’s also had his work featured on sites like Smashing Magazine, The Next Web, and TechCruch. Of his Judson education Ben says, “Judson gave me an incredible set of tools that enabled me to be successful in the design industry. Being able to draw, design, and speak professionally about my work equipped me to become a valued asset to my firm, and in turn helps my colleagues trust me to do good work. Not only did Judson give me a... Read more

We’d like you to meet Alyssa Low. Alyssa is a 2011 graduate of Judson University. These days you will find her working as a designer at Devbridge Group. While a student at Judson she spent a semester studying in New York City, where she worked as a design intern for Glamour Magazine. One of her projects included working on the design for Glamour’s Women of the Year 2010 event. She was put in charge of designing the ticket instructions, tickets, and selected pages in the event program (we think any job in which the actress Julia Roberts holds your work is considered pretty cool!). Since her college days she has used her talents on a variety of other projects including AIGA’s Get Out the Vote poster, which she created with fellow JU alum Collin Koetz ’11. AIGA showcased their poster in the AIGA museum. She has also worked with the design firm Thirst on their Moving Design... Read more

Collin Koetz graduated from Judson in 2011 with a degree in Visual Communications. Currently, he is a designer for Remedy, a branding agency in Chicago, which services a range of health systems, health products, and health industries clientele. At Remedy, Collin’s expertise has allowed him to be involved in the creation of brand strategies, brand collateral, environmental applications, as well as digital solutions. On his time at Judson, Collin says,“ Judson’s art and design program gave me the abilities to become an asset to a creative team right out of school. In addition, Judson gave me an appreciation for learning on my own outside of academia which has helped me to develop new skills and has made me a bigger asset in the creative industry.” You can see more of Collin's work... Read more

Jason S. Thompson is a 2005 graduate of Judson University, where he double majored in Visual Communications and Art: Pre-Masters.  These days you will find him working as the Senior Creative Manager for Brainlab, where he provides creative direction for the company and manages 7 graphic designers, multimedia developers and illustrators in Chicago, IL and Munich, Germany while splitting his time between the two locations. Prior to this position, Jason started out as the Graphics Manager for Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder toy lines (and became the coolest uncle ever as a result), then worked with a number of companies (including Brainlab) as an in-house Graphic Designer/Manager until choosing to pursue freelance design on his own. During that time he worked on a number of high-level brands such as Jameson, Absolut, Kahlua, Corona Light, Sears, GE, Hasbro, Star Wars, UFC,... Read more

Did you know this website was designed and developed by Judson Art + Design alumni? Let us introduce you to the guys that made it happen. Meet Brock Henderson ’03 (top left) and Brenden Jones ’04 (bottom right). These guys along with some other alumni (Joel Brown ’05 (middle left), Aaron Wood ’07 (bottom left), Sean Coté ’07 (middle right), and Adam Buchweitz ’09 (top right)), own and operate both Paper Tower and Elevate Entertainment. Paper Tower is a design studio that specializes in branding, print, and web solutions. They have a long list of clients in a variety of industries, and handle everything from logo development and branding to the creation of websites. When they aren’t bringing beautiful design to the world, these guys are busy designing and building games for the mobile marketplace. Elevate Entertainment, their indie game studio, is their outlet to take play... Read more

Alessandra graduated in 2012 with a degree in Visual Communications and a minor in Worship Arts. She currently works in Seattle both as a freelancer and as a photographer for Alessandra Arendt Photography. Previously, Alessandra was a visual designer for Zillow, where she helped define their new branding and developed graphics for blogs, advertising, events, and social media. Stand out projects included design work for a conversation between President Obama and Zillow’s CEO about the housing market, as well as design support for Zillow’s partnership with the NBC show “American Dream Builders”. It’s pretty exciting to have designs reviewed by the White House! Alessandra has also worked for Electric Pen, whose clients include REI, Inphi, Microsoft, and Juniper Networks. Her favorite thing about being a full-time photographer is bringing joy to others by sharing stories of their... Read more

Roger graduated from Judson on December 2009 with a BA in Studio Art. After Judson he worked for the Art Department at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa, assisting with drawing and painting classes, then as graphic designer for the local newspaper where he soon became a full time photographer. In 2013 he was awarded several honors for his photographs, including “Best Breaking News Photo” and “Best Sports Photo.”  Today he works as the coordinator for international and multicultural students at Ellsworth Community College. He believes this is where God wants him, helping students with their career paths and impacting in their personal lives. Roger says that, "Serving has been a big part of my life as a Christian and what better way to do that than in this position." He also continues to work as a freelance artist, designer and photographer. His works include children books... Read more

Jeremy Spyridon graduated from Judson in 2007. He is currently the Design Manager at Porch, a home management platform based in Seattle. Partnering with the product and engineering teams, he leads the design team towards creating a product that helps homeowners maintain and improve their homes. Jeremy previously worked for a startup called Lively, who partnered with artists to record and deliver live shows to fans through a mobile app. Before that he lead a team of designers at Electric Pen, developing print and digital marketing assets for professional services firms around the world. Of his Judson education, Jeremy says, “Judson challenged me to be a leader. Not just on campus or in the classroom, but in our discipline. It was here that I first considered the weight of our craft - the restoration of our world through problem solving. From products to brands to cities - it is our... Read more

Brittany is a 2013 graduate of the Judson Art and Design program, and currently works on the design team at Leo Burnett, a global advertising company with clients such as Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, GM, and McDonald's. Brittany previously worked as a designer for Tyndale House Publishers, the world's largest privately held Christian publisher of books and Bibles. She got connected to Tyndale by interning there while at Judson, and then was offered a job as she approached graduation, the dream transition for a student trying to land their first professional job. Since graduation, Brittany has also enjoyed using her talents to work on freelance projects for various clients including Word Entertainment in Nashville. She keeps busy by staying heavily involved in the Chicago design community and AIGA, through which she joined a mentor group that gathers weekly for studio... Read more

Jeff Stein graduated from Judson in December, 2013. He is currently a designer at VSA Partners, an award winning design firm based in Chicago, who’s clients include IBM, Nike, and Harley Davidson. Since graduating, Jeff has also had the opportunity to do freelance work for clients such as Patagonia and Awana. While he was a student at Judson, Jeff interned at Fallon, an advertising agency in Minneapolis. At Fallon, Jeff helped with the rebranding of H&R Block. Of his Judson education Jeff says, “Judson’s design program gave me a solid foundation that was essential for launching my career in design. From the basics of drawing and design to critical thinking and presenting my work, Judson gave me an excellent education. The professors really care about their students and want them to succeed.” Check out out Jeff’s work via his website... Read more