Natalie Shadel

Natalie Shadel graduated from Judson in 2006 with an Art: Pre-Master’s degree and took a slight detour into the world of art education. Her experience at Judson was formational in developing her view of an artists’ role in the world and community, creating a passion for connecting the community to the arts to make a difference. Beginning with internships that started in college, Natalie contributed to public art projects and events in Elgin and Chicago that deepened her desire to be a connector for art and community.

Impassioned by a eagerness to share her enthusiasm for art, creative problem-solving and critical  thinking, Natalie returned to her alma mater to become certified to teach art in 2009. She is now entering her fifth year teaching art to 6th-8th graders at Dundee Middle School where she is excited about teaching the gravity and potential of art and art-making to students. For her, it feels like an ideal avenue for inspiring others to make connections between art and the world they live in, teaching students not only artistic skills, but the importance of being an avid observer, interpreter and creator of the visual language that surrounds us.