Ben Krogh

We’d like to introduce you to Ben Krogh. Ben graduated from Judson in 2011. He is currently a designer for The Brigade, a design collective located in the St. John’s neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Approaching design through critical thinking, problem solving and research, Ben loves design and he sees it as a vehicle to better the world around him. He’s worked with large brands such as Spotify and small startups like Chirpify and Menuish. He’s also had his work featured on sites like Smashing Magazine, The Next Web, and TechCruch.

Of his Judson education Ben says,

“Judson gave me an incredible set of tools that enabled me to be successful in the design industry. Being able to draw, design, and speak professionally about my work equipped me to become a valued asset to my firm, and in turn helps my colleagues trust me to do good work. Not only did Judson give me a fantastic education, but also taught me that learning is a life long pursuit, and gave me a hunger to always learn from those around me.”

Check out the “On Failure” series on his blog. In it he interviews a variety of designers on the role of failure in the design process. You can learn more about Ben and see his work at and follow him on twitter.