Jason S. Thompson

Jason S. Thompson is a 2005 graduate of Judson University, where he double majored in Graphic Design and Studio Art.  These days you will find him working as the Senior Creative Manager for Brainlab, where he provides creative direction for the company and manages 7 graphic designers, multimedia developers and illustrators in Chicago, IL and Munich, Germany while splitting his time between the two locations.

Prior to this position, Jason started out as the Graphics Manager for Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder toy lines (and became the coolest uncle ever as a result), then worked with a number of companies (including Brainlab) as an in-house Graphic Designer/Manager until choosing to pursue freelance design on his own. During that time he worked on a number of high-level brands such as Jameson, Absolut, Kahlua, Corona Light, Sears, GE, Hasbro, Star Wars, UFC, Bud Light, Negra Modelo, GrubHub and others. Over the past few years he also took the opportunity to do two full European tours with his band and do as much traveling as possible. One of the luxuries of freelancing!

His new position back at Brainlab allows him (along with his wife and cats) to live in Munich for 6 months out of the year, while spending the other 6 months in Chicago. You can see more of Jason’s work here.

Auf Wiedersehen!