Jennifer Phelps

Jen graduated from Judson’s Graphic Design program in 2012. She has had the privilege of working for Tyndale House Publishers as a book and Bible designer for the past three years. From concept to cover to printer, she gets to bring books and Bibles to life with the help of a solid in-house design team whose primary focus is collaboration and a winning final product. She also enjoys working on both freelance and personal projects on the side. Jen is part of the Alumni Mentoring program and enjoys keeping ties with Judson’s Department of Art & Design.

Judson’s Art and Design Department taught me a lot about collaboration, hard work, and the importance of starting over on something multiple times, if that’s what is necessary. I really learned to strive for quality in all things, from process to presentation. To this day, I revisit so much of what I learned at Judson and I am thankful for the opportunity to have learned design in a place that really cares about it, and cares to teach it to you with the best that they have. See more of her work