Jeremy Spyridon

Jeremy Spyridon graduated from Judson in 2007. He is currently the Design Manager at Porch, a home management platform based in Seattle. Partnering with the product and engineering teams, he leads the design team towards creating a product that helps homeowners maintain and improve their homes. Jeremy previously worked for a startup called Lively, who partnered with artists to record and deliver live shows to fans through a mobile app. Before that he lead a team of designers at Electric Pen, developing print and digital marketing assets for professional services firms around the world.

Of his Judson education, Jeremy says, “Judson challenged me to be a leader. Not just on campus or in the classroom, but in our discipline. It was here that I first considered the weight of our craft – the restoration of our world through problem solving. From products to brands to cities – it is our responsibility to consider the eternal purpose for design as it shapes and reflects the society of the past, the present, and the future.”

You can see his work at and follow him on twitter.